To those with social anxiety: It gets better (Negotiating Your Worth Tribe Meet-up)

It’s official! I’m an official delegate to the Negotiating Your Worth #SheTalksAsiaxBumble hosted by She Talks Asia and Bumble Philippines Tribe Meet Up! This will be my first in-person and local mastermind for the entrepreneur niche! 

Just last year, 2018, I started pro-actively working on my social anxiety and self-esteem. I remember how I had my first certification video chat class for being a Reiki Practitioner in 2016, I could barely speak. I felt like my mouth was sown shut. Our teacher at the time always had to ask me to speak or else I wouldn’t make a peep. Because of painful social experiences, I cultivated this belief that I was an embarrassment — just by being who I was. So, I had immense difficulty getting words out. I always stuttered. I always blanked out and went silent for minutes at a time trying to vocalize just about anything. My voice was a *squeak* and I slurred because I just didn’t think my words were worth it. I could only remember the aggression I experience for expressing myself. Being unheard. Replaying and replaying in my mind. 

In 2018, I went through several coaching calls! I met so many people online throughout the globe. I got back to radio (International Angels Network), started my own podcast (Guided by Wings Podcast) and joined others podcasts for interviews (Modalthealth, The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast), FINALLY did my own live shows including guesting in Freedom Rivera’s Facebook live show and the best part… was I finally started offering live spiritual guidance and completely scrapped the typed-written format I’ve been doing for years.  

So, you could only imagine how this mastermind/tribe meet up means to me. Especially because it’s for empowering women and entrepreneurs of all niches! We have writers, VAs, models, chefs, guidance counselors, MUAs, coaches, and the best part is just because someone is from the same field doesn’t mean they offer the same thing. We all have a unique background and approach. 

Definitely, it’s out of my comfort zone. But that’s the beauty of it. Because I’m doing this, it won’t be out of my comfort zone anymore. The zone has been expanded.

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