The relief, power, and healing working with your Higher Self can bring you (and my spiritual Superpowers!)

What’s a Higher Self? In lay man’s terms, it’s the optimum version of you who has already realized their potential. Think of it as the version of you who has already learned all their lessons, chose to grow, and remembers why they chose to incarnate on Earth. Kind of like a Superhero version of you who supersedes time and space.

Your Higher Self is you but in the same time who you are remembering to be. I don’t want to use the term “aspire to be” because that implies that the Higher Self is somehow away or disconnected version of you you need to work towards becoming, when that isn’t the case.

If your Higher Self is warm, loving, and yet so strong — you are too. You just forgot. Your circumstances and life experiences made you forget.

I realized in my recent Postcards from the Universe Readings that I am guided to do Higher Self work. I’m here to help you remember why you came into this existence, what makes your path to special and unique, and help you claim your story and mission fully.

Postcards from the Universe Readings

I realized I am good at these 4 things

  1. Giving validation or redirection to the most pressing concern of my client.
  2. Giving tools, strategies, and shifts to redirect anxiety and fear into something positive and productive.
  3. Spotting out specific events and timelines for my clients.

And the 4th one is the most important one… Reconnecting clients with their Higher Selves.

How can you align yourself with your highest visions and values in life while operating from your lower self — the you who can only see what was and what is happening at present, is in fear and panic, desperate, and lost of hope?

When I did these readings, it felt natural to invite each client’s Higher Selves. I met such diverse powerful women and men! If only they knew that this is who they really are — and not the mess they feel they are entangled in.

I realized that my work reignites strength, resilience, hope, and believing.

Clients walk away realizing “Hey, yeah, sh*t is really happening right now but oh my goodness, it’s just part of the process. This is not my final form yet. I am in an incredibly beautiful journey of healing and transformation. I’m a phoenix at rebirth.”

I can see myself having 1:1 mentoring sessions with clients where I connect and invite their Higher Selves into the space and where they can have a conversation with their Higher Self. I’ll be relaying what I am guided to and the session can be anything! A healing session, mentoring, releasing, forgiveness, life planning, path finding — all tailor-weaved for the client by their Higher Self.

I realized

  1. I love helping bring to awareness to my clients how the Universe is already working on their behalf.
  2. I love helping my clients stop being hard on themselves and use that frustrated energy to bring about real change in their lives.
  3. I love utilizing every tool, modality, and experience I got to the benefit of the total holistic transformation of my client. From scared and lacking in trust to fully blooming with hope, motivation, belief in themselves and Divine support.

Here’s some feedback on the Postcards readings above:

Postcards from the Universe Feedback

If you could ask anything of your Higher Self, what would you ask? Comment below!

I recently had a breakthrough with my Higher Self and she gave me advice about a long time pain of mine. It helped me let go and stop hurting myself about it. I’ll be sharing the video with you this week.

Book an hour long session with me and allow me to give you the relief my Higher Self gave me. 

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