The medicine that is your story (2 Oracle Card Guidance Inside)

These are intuitive message for us to reflect on yesterday and today.
In short, it is a reminder that though we are independent and are leaders in our lives, receiving and asking for help doesn’t make us weak or incompetent. Receiving is a necessary part of giving. Also, that we each are messengers of our unique story. Nobody has lived in your shoes and you are here to offer your unique piece to the puzzle…

Accept and Receive

I see that this message is referring to those who are exercising their independence. I see you on the move, committing firmly to your dreams and goals and showing yourself that you can handle it.
On the other hand, I see that this is also a cause of stress/distress. I am seeing a vision of a woman, her face red with tears and exhaustion.
You don’t need to be everything. You don’t need to do it all. It’s time to receive help when it is offered. At this point, saying “No, I’m fine” may be a knee-jerk reaction because of how much you’ve done things on your own.
This is an invitation for you to graciously receive help as it is being extended to you, and also to ask help when nobody sees that you.
Practice asking. What do you need?
Do you need a hug?
Do you need someone to listen?
Do you need someone who can help?

Fearless Expression

Aside from expressing your needs and learning to be comfortable with that, I am seeing that a number of us have been dimming our self expression as well. This looks like choosing not to speak when it is time to speak, choosing to hide or mask aspects of ourselves that contribute beauty, healing and diversity to the world.
The vision I’m getting here is you in front of a mic doing spoken word. You are speaking conviction into that mic. You are powerful, flawed and vulnerable, and I see people in the crowd cheer, clap, I see many teary-eyed as you’ve expressed what they longed to express but didn’t feel brave enough or seen.
You have a message. You have a story that is uniquely yours to tell. But it can’t be told by anyone else but you.
This is your calling card to share it even when your voice cracks and your legs are going limp from embarrassment, fear, guilt, or shame.
You are healing others through your story. Please do this world the favor and service of sharing your story, no matter how small or messy and complicated you think it is.
Please do not deny this world the medicine that is your story.

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