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    5 star review  When I found Therese it was a Divine sign that I needed to work with her. The guidance she channels is of deep wisdom, beautiful and has been very helpful with receiving the answers to my questions surrounding my personal well being and divine union I am ready for. She’s unbiased, non judge mental and keeps everything (even things you may not want to hear) light and helpful to enhance your life path. I will be back when I am in need of that extra guidance I sometimes need along this journey we call life! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Therese 🙏🏼❤️

    thumb Amber Lavene

    5 star review  Virginia Ginny Hopp Thanks Therese!!! You have given me so much to think about!!! This was a super AWESOME reading. I was super hyped up durning the reading so many things resonated with me. Now on to a vision board & Citrine and more work.

    thumb Virginia Ginny Hopp

    5 star review  Therese is such an amazing coach! You can feel the love from all her readings. I've had such an amazing reading with her. Always remember that the readings are your guide.

    thumb Odessah Tomampoc

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