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    5 star review  Therese is such an amazing coach! You can feel the love from all her readings. I've had such an amazing reading with her. Always remember that the readings are your guide.

    thumb Odessah Tomampoc

    5 star review  She is my best friend. She is caring, humble,intelligent and a gifted person. I am proud with the fact that she found her own purpose early on. I can imagine a future for her. I have admired her inner wisdom. I can totally relate to whatever she went through and that she used her life experiences to help others. She is also inspiring because I was taught that healing is non stop and that it must keep be going on no matter what because life is about growth in a process especially for those who are empaths, HSPs(highly sensitive people) and for others who have gone through any type of traumatic situations in the past. I was taught that healing is a process and it is life.

    thumb Agatha De Borja

    5 star review  I highly recommend having a session with Therese. Honestly, I feel like I got more than what I donated :-). She opened many doors for me and illuminated my paths. The past life reading sounds very similar to my current life. She will definitely give you a different perspective on your life and help you resolve your issues. She created an mp3 with a personalized angelic song and I love it and will keep playing it. She has an amazing psychic skills and she does it with a loving heart. Thanks Therese 🙂

    thumb Paul Jael

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