She persisted (Campaign by Bumble Biz x SheTalksAsia)

My most memorable story about work is when I first started. It reminds me of how far I’ve come from that point: how much I’ve been able to heal my trauma and beliefs; how my hustle pushed me to zones I never knew I was capable of reaching and achieving, and the mentors, clients, and community I longed for and now have the joy of sharing myself and my life with.

I remember little Therese in 2015. Just months after transferring schools and still so uncertain, scared, and sad. How she decided one day to start sharing her life, learnings, and inspirations through the then named “Angel Inspirations” blog. I look back and remember how she wondered if she will ever feel at home with herself, find her community, her purpose, and what she was alive for. And I want to thank her. Because if she wasn’t who she was then, I wouldn’t have been me now. 

Since I transferred schools, I’ve started a side-hustle as an International Spiritual Guide or Life Coach (based in the Philippines). Through my blog, I share what I’m struggling with and resources and ways I turn it around. Initially, I just wanted to share. That’s all I ever saw purpose of what I was doing. But people started noticing: finding wisdom and comfort in my words. They started seeking advice and at this time, I was opening up about my esoteric & metaphysical interests. I am a believer of Energy. Angels. The Universe. Magick. Spirits & Spirit Guides. Divination. Intuition & Psychic abilities. I’m a believer and practitioner because of my spiritual experience in 2012 which I’ve talked about numerous times on *radio, my book, and the podcasts I’ve been on. Finding out who God/Higher Power is for me and being open to the things we don’t see, and the grand scheme of things. I’ve been helping people retrieve their power of choice and autonomy, understand the Whys and Hows of their life, and tap into their own intuitive abilities through card divination (cartomancy), intuition, grounded in positive psychology, a dash of neuroscience (I’m still learning!), and my educational background in Development, Gender, and International Relations.   

Looking back, I wouldn’t have dreamt of the things I’ve been able to do now. Guest in shows? Speak and teach? *Show my face to clients? I struggled with social anxiety, loneliness, and codependence. Back then, I couldn’t even do public commute. I was constantly afraid. Of everything. Even finding out my own inner power. But here I am. I thank the girl I was for facing her fears in order to be better, softer, stronger, more compassionate, and wiser. I know back then, she didn’t even realize healing was possible. But she persisted.

She persisted.

Entry for “Negotiate Your Worth” She Talks Asia x Bumble Bizz meet-up at BGC, Taguig City.

*Monster Radio Rx. 93.1, Spiritual Phoenix Podcast, Freedom Rivera show, Warrior Women with Angel Wings “Illuminate Your Joy” Anthology.  

*For a couple of years, I strictly did typewritten guidance only. By 2018, I started doing live appearances. 

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