Emotions aren’t Queen, you are. Day 1 & 2: 31-Day Spiritual Biz Divination Challenge

Doing the 31-day Tarot or your Divination tool of choice challenge by THE Tarot Biz Christina Quick. It is an opportunity for healers, coaches, and intuitives who use divination in their biz to learn from the lessons of 2018 in order to move forward in 2019, knowing better and doing better!

I’ve been feeling so close to Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid lately. She’s been such a wise, encouraging and nurturing muse. I love working with her.

I did both days on two separate days. However I am posting them together for this post.

Day 1: Opening Message from Your Angels, Guides, and Ancestors about 2018? Page of Water Reversed

The Guides want me to know that in 2018, I was in the position of a student.

2018 showed me where I was unstable and where I was still maturing emotionally, which actually tricked down to biz.

I was getting predictable consistent leads on Facebook from 2015-mid 2017 for my spiritual guidance, but when 2018 hit, it was the longest and most prolonged lull that ’til January 2019, has not let up.

I had to get used to waking up to nothing in the inbox after some years used to waking up to reading requests and inquiries. I remember feeling desparate. Panicking. This showed me that I didn’t have a solid strategy or backup, and I didn’t actually know how to run an online business.

And related to that, I found out… I didn’t know how I worked either. I dealt with a lot of heavy emotions and themes regarding inner work, shadows. At some point this year, I relapsed. Long story short, some inner feelings of loneliness and worthlessness I thought I had already healed, resurfaced. That year was all about learning. Learning about me first and who the heck I am again and to really know it this time so that I won’t go back to old unhealthy ways, and so that I can move forward.

2018, I was a child. I learned where I was most vulnerable, that I did not truly divorce from unhealthy behavior and attitudes, and boy did I have to do a lot of maturing.

Thankfully, though I was a child/student/Page, I met my most trustworthy mentors and my soul tribe that year (shout-out to Divine Spark Academy, Mod & Alt Health, and Make Tarot Your Business Mentorship Program – my family). I committed a lot of mistakes but at least I committed them amidst elders who redirected me to healthier and more aligned ways of being and doing.

I say thank you and goodbye with grace. I really did learn a lot and I wouldn’t be as firm as I am in who I am today if it wasn’t for the setbacks of that year. Thank you, next.

Day 2: What did 2018 teach me about owning a successful spiritual business? Queen of Water Reversed

So far, this is the 2nd time the Water suit represented 2018. Yes, it was an emotional year where controlled by my emotions. I was learning about maturity and in the process, mistook being true to my emotions as being engulfed by it, which is unhealthy and leads to a negative spiral.

I was was giving my power and my agency away to slightest flick of my emotions. I allowed my mind to consume me, my emotions to consume me, my fears to consume me so much that I would beat around the bush, cancel plans, wait for a sign (I AM the sign).

This card shows me the consequences of allowing my emotions to roam freely unwatched.

It’s a reminder for me to step into my Queen of Water, to be the Queen of my emotions instead of the emotions becoming the Queen of me.

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