How to Safely and Effectively Communicate with Your Spirit Guides Webclass! (Freebie & Giveaway!)

How would it feel like to ask for guidance and support whenever you need it?

How would it feel like to be able to instruct someone to make things easier for you?

How would it feel like you were able to live life knowing someone has your back?

You don’t have to change religions or do any weird stuff. But you do need to have that glimmer of faith in magick, the unseen, and your innate abilities.

Who’s this for? Beginners who want to identify, develop, and use their gifts the safest possible way. Practical & direct application. No fancy rituals! Personal empowerment.

What topics are covered?

  • Myths
  • Best practices in psychic abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance), development, and defense. Oh, and a CRUCIAL thing about psychic defense that most spiritual teachers ignore. The “visualizing a white bubble” is not enough and here’s why.
  • Spirit Guides (Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Higher Self)
  • Includes FREE 16-min Meeting Your Higher Self with the Angels guided meditation!

Those who signed up for the free class during the August 12-17 period will be immediately entered in a raffle for a 30-minute session with me!

Shoot! I wasn’t able to catch the free replay until August 20 🙁

I re-uploaded the class to this website which you can access until September 2019 for FREE! Sign-up for the mailing list here to get the password and access.

How do I get a permanent copy of the class?

You can get the ALL ACCESS PASS at Please use this link specifically as this is how I earn commissions. When you share the link to the All Access Pass use the link I provided as it’s the only way I can earn commissions! Thank you!

About the instructor Therese Heart AMM, MA is a Filipino International Spiritual Teacher & Guide and Published Author featured in RX 93.1 & International Angels Network specializing in intuitive guidance.

For collaborations, invitations, & clients @guidedbywings on all social media . Website is

Be Whole. Be Free. Virtual Online Summit is sponsored by Holistic Chamber of Commerce Newark.

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