Psychic Life Coaching for empathic, professional women on Etsy soon!

Psychic Life Coaching for empathic, professional wxmen on Etsy soon!

And by women, trans women, interesex, genderqueers included!

This is for the working women who are facing so many unknowns in their life.

They feel scared.

Hopeless and likely at war with themselves, because they know there is a higher calling for them. They just don’t know what it is, how to know it, what’s in store.

They’re looking for someone who can show them the map.

Point them the way.

Hold sacred space (spiritual mentoring).

Teach them how to confidently move forward. Teach them to love themselves. Teach them their own divinity, their sacred callings, their underestimated abilities.

You are powerful – and I am a Guide who can walk beside you (spiritual mentoring) or illuminate the way (spiritual readings).

It’s your journey. I am here to assist.

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Spiritual Life Coach Therese Heart

I help empathic, professional women actualize their Divine Life Purpose by helping them heal their traumas and make informed life decisions with the support of my psychic abilities and Angelic Guidance.

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