Oracle Cards for Daily Guidance, Answers, and Solutions – Mod & Alt Health Podcast and Magazine Article

Do you think using divination cards to ask for solutions, guidance, and answers in your life is ‘cheating’? This is one of the 3 myths I bust in my podcast interview with Mod & Alt Health and there’s so much more!

Here’s one more myth to bust…
That you need special abilities or to be psychic.

Or that you need to be in a ‘high-vibe’ state.

No and no. I was at my lowest when I started consulting the Oracle for wisdom. I was depressed, isolated, and my behavior and beliefs were very much controlled by the avoidance of pain.

I was hurting but I was still worthy of guidance.

And so are you.

➡ The differences between Oracle and Tarot cards.
➡ My favorite ways to use cards and for what kind of questions
➡ Advice for someone who’s thinking about working with cards and getting their first deck

I go into more depth from what I discussed in the interview in my “3 Ways Oracle Cards Inspired Me to Live” article so please follow Mod & Alt Health magazine as well as the podcast!

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Intuitive Therese Heart
Certified Angel Medium and Mentor (AMM™), Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner from the Philippines. Lenormand, Oracle, and Tarot reader. Published Author. Radio show guest for Rx. 93.1 Monster Radio and International Angel Network Radio (IAN). Grit and Resilience + Synchronicity and Co-creation.

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