Thank u, next Impostor syndrome and saying Hello to Oprah. Day 6: 31-day Spiritual Biz Divination Challenge

Day 6: What prevalent negative thought about value do I leave behind in 2018? 3 of Air Reversed

The prevalent negative thought is that what I know is not worth sharing (3 = expressing) because I’m not a ‘master’ (Air).

Last year, when a certain spiritual Facebook group still had an active promo thread, I would browse through it for opportunities to speak–anything from the Angels, self-care, the universe, to starting anew–only to write down my name, my email, and halfway through the pitch and… withdraw. Close tab.

I thought I wasn’t credible enough to speak MY story, to speak about my discoveries and breakthroughs, and what I’ve studied and integrated into my life just because I’m only 21, I’ve only started my road to professional spiritual work in 2015 (or rather 2018 as before then, I was doing donation services), and I only have independent coursework and personal scholarship and not a degree in metaphysical studies, angelology, or psychology.

By shutting down opportunities, I was repeatedly showing myself how I believed I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough because I wasn’t the old wise super-psychic witchy shaman oracle psychologist I thought I was suppose to be in order to be valid as a Spiritual Life Coach and worthy of the work I center my life to do.

The reminder for me through this card is… not to underestimate my story, my knowledge, my journey. What better messenger for what I’ve gone through and overcome than my own self?

Just because my bachelor’s degree is not spiritually related (I’m a Development major and Gender minor), because I am young, and because I’m not a *doctor does not mean what I have, what I know, and who I am is worthless and not capable of life-changing work, healing hearts, and inspiring others, leading them to healthier ways of being and the lives of their dreams.

Dear me, you don’t have to be anything other than who you are now to be Oprah-interview worthy or worthy of the thousands of people who will be touched by you and only what you know.

*I do not diagnose or give medical advice.

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Doing the 31-day Tarot or your Divination tool of choice challenge by THE Tarot Biz Christina Quick. It is an opportunity for healers, coaches, and intuitives who use divination in their biz to learn from the lessons of 2018 in order to move forward in 2019, knowing better and doing better!

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