New Beginnings with the Angels LIVE Webinar and Guidance @ Facebook

Date and time:

EST, Eastern Time (US)
Tue, Dec 18, 11:00am – 12:00pm (EST)

Manila, Philippines
Wed, Dec 19, 12:00am – 1:00am (PHT)

Facing the dark night of the soul and feeling isolated, alone, and hopeless? The Angels can help.

I’ll be talking about my dark night of the soul and how working with Angels has helped me build resilience, grace, forgiveness and compassion.

I put the blame on everyone else but me. For my bully for hurting me, for my family and friends not being able to read my mind. I lived with a lot of blame. I have inferiority complex because _____. I have anxiety because ____. I will never love myself because _____. I will never amount to anything because ____.

This is not to downplay traumatic events, the pain of isolation and bullying. I’m here to talk about how I was able to give a new meaning to those experiences and the journey of finding myself and loving myself – all that the Angels taught me which helped me become who I am today. An international intuitive advisor and medium. A published author. A radio and podcast guest to multiple outlets.

It’s possible to come from totally hating yourself and not seeing ANYTHING good about your life and blind to what you offer

To being able to genuinely love yourself, know and share your gifts, and walk with purpose, knowing, and support.

This is our present for you (Freedom Rivera, Therese Heart). For your new beginning.

LIVE here:

I help empathic, professional women with big dreams make informed life decisions so they can heal from their past + manifest their Divine Life Purpose, with the support of the Angelic Realm.

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