My Past (Therese Heart’s Story of Anxiety, Running Away, and Hope)

Anyone who knows me before my current vocation as a Spiritual Guide will know that I wasn’t a positive person, or that I came off as very flighty and two-faced.

There would be this side of me I show to people who’s extremely “crazy” and exaggerated, then there’s this brooding, sad, lonely side of me that’s cranky, moody, and shuts everyone and everything off. I was notorious for disappearing doing group works and disappearing in general.

The truth to these two sides was that I always felt inadequate. I didn’t know I was dealing with psychological problems like anxiety and depression at some point, because of traumatic events I couldn’t synthesize on my own. Anxiety controlled my life. I didn’t show up to class respond to people’s texts or do homework because “I didn’t care” or I was trying to be “edgy”. I didn’t because I was scared of attention. I had deep deep social anxiety — I thought people were looking at me under a microscope. I never felt safe. I never felt like I could just be me—and I didn’t even know who I was.

Then, I found out.

“Once a confident, happy child who proudly called herself the “class jester”, realities of deception, lies, manipulation, bullying & abuse forced her to retreat, to lose trust in herself in others, and desperately look for love and healing. This is a story of how Therese overcame and transformed trauma and loneliness into hope and interconnection. This is a story of how no matter how messed up your relationships are, you can heal and love and be loved. This is a story of how no matter how emotionally dependent you are on vices as a means to find the support and love you crave for, and no matter how much you project your issues on people, and become manipulative and lying yourself–you can have redemption, true healing, and your faith in the Higher power and of the goodness of life restored.” – Ep. 2 Podcast Description

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