My Business’s Financial Tarot Forecast and Advice. Day 13-16: 31-day Spiritual Biz Divination Challenge

Day 13: What will my spiritual business’s finances look like in First Quarter (Q1) 2019? 6 of Fire Reversed
6 is a number that comes right after 5, 5 being a number of chaos and lack of concentration. I see 6 as that rebuilding that comes after the chaos of 5. And because this is a Fire suit, the equivalent being Wands = action, doing. I see 1st Quarter as full of business activity. I see that this 1st Quarter, my spiritual readings and mentoring is taking off like those balloons!
I am finally “in the air”, showing myself that I can actually be not only off the ground but high in the sky in my business! My business feels like it’s never really kicked off. I get clients here and there but nothing consistent. That is changing with this card.
I see myself continuing the work of last year, positioning myself as an expert and guesting and even heading a number of activities: podcasts, books, seminars, etc. I see myself clearly wearing a blazer and speaking to a group of people.
Because this card is Reversed, I have to be careful not to wear myself out, not to put my energy on useless/draining things–just a reminder that my success takes effort and my success really depends on my discipline and consistency.
Day 14: What will my spiritual business’s finances look like in Second Quarter (Q2) 2019? Page of Water Reversed
Seeing this made my heart sink a little. Page is a student and Water suit is about emotions, intuition, and spirituality. Second quarter is April-June which is the wrap-up of my bachelor’s degree (graduation, baby!) and the beginning of my Master’s. I see why I’m in the student’s position here and money isn’t the focus here but learning and growth. I’m choosing to see that quarter as a break from all the excitement and movement in the first quarter, and a time for introspection.
One of the biggest lessons for me in 2018 is the seasonality of life. We have to accept that it’s unrealistic to always be going and going like the energizer bunny. There is no constants in nature. Humans need sleep. Seasons go from Spring to Winter. I see this as a temporary break from the grind so now that I know this, I can take this as a message to save money in the 1st Quarter because 2nd Quarter isn’t going to bring much business.

Advice to improve finances for Q2: 5 of Water


3rd Quarter?


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4th Quarter?


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Doing the 31-day Tarot or your Divination tool of choice challenge by THE Tarot Biz Christina Quick. It is an opportunity for healers, coaches, and intuitives who use divination in their biz to learn from the lessons of 2018 in order to move forward in 2019, knowing better and doing better!

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