Meeting Your Higher Self: A Guided Practice With The Archangels 5-minute preview! (VIDEO & FREEBIE)

Here is the special ✨freebie✨ when you attend me “How to Communicate Safely and Effectively with Your Spirit Guides Talk” this August 17 for Mod & Alt Health Magazine’s Be Whole. Be Free. Virtual Wellness Summit!

This warm and comforting 16-min meditation is enough to induce a deep state of meditation while in a safe environment secured by the Archangels. The Archangels will lead your Higher Self to you. It’s an emotional reunion of sorts where you come face to face with the person you LONG to be (who is actually you).

😇Who’s the version of me who’s already brave and courageous and is so in tune with herself that she doesn’t let haters get in the way of anything?

😇Who’s the version of me who KNOWS herself and the amazing gifts she’s here to share?

😇Who’s the version of me who can say NO?

😇Who’s the version of me who can say YES? She’s your Higher Self!

Featuring a spiritual cleansing, my specialty Angelic “Tongue” (Light Language) therapeutic singing, and a grounding session. So it’s a multipurpose guided meditation! Use this whenever you feel:

💖Out of tune with yourself and lost. Identity crisis.

💖Emotionally drained. Mental chatter and noise.

💖Trouble relaxing.

💖Lack of clarity in your life.

💖Lack of conviction.

💖Feeling “bothered”, “troubled”, “unsettled”, uneasy or distressed.

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Disclaimer: Not a replacement for therapy and a doctor. But an amazing complement to whatever work you’re doing!


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