I help empathic, professional women with big dreams make informed life decisions so they can heal from their past + manifest their Divine Life Purpose, with the support of the Angelic Realm.

You'd live a totally different life. You'd feel supported, inspired, and confident.

What if I told you that by investing in spiritual mentoring and readings, and putting the advice to action, you will know for sure how the Universe has your back as you build the life of your dreams?


How would it feel to know where you are headed?

How would it feel knowing how you shape your destiny?

How would it feel to walk beside Angels?

Meet Your Personal Guide

Hello empowered womxn! I’m Therese Heart (formerly Therese Castro). As an Angel Card Reader, Angel and Spirit Guide Coach, and Clairvoyant, I’ve been guiding empathic, professional women feeling trapped by their childhood pain and desiring support and advice in how to safely pursue their life purpose since 2015!

I come from a background of social anxiety, psychological bullying, sexual escapism, LGBTQIA+ and identity struggles.

My approach is context-sensitive, intersectional. Empowering womxn as agents of change in their life.

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