[INSIDE] Love and Work Status Tarot Life Coaching + Reading with Intuitive Therese/Guided by Wings

Background: A female client wanted news in general regarding love and work.

Style: Compassionate and empathetic Tarot life coaching with a bit of prediction/forecast to give her a feel on the progress in her life. The info was coming through a sense of knowing (claircognizance).


Where you are at: Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Right now, I see you being an independent lady and on your own. Which is something you want to change because it does get lonely. You want to change your “single” status to happily “taken!”  

What’s coming in: The Hierophant

Hierophant refers to being guarded and not completely open to love. Even though you are contemplating being in a relationship, it may not be what you really desire deep down or perhaps what you discover is not best for you after all. I see you keeping to yourself, being aloof. I do see potential prospects but they can’t see you or notice you because you keep to yourself. You are hiding/shying away from love because you have so much fears. Tell yourself this: If I meet someone who doesn’t respect me, satisfy me, or encourage me to be my best person, I don’t need to stay. If you really want to be in a relationship, don’t shut the door completely! You can be cautious, careful and aware. Yes, it does involve thickening your skin to state your boundaries and turn people out the door, but love is not impossible for you. Lighten up, but be conscious always. 

Advice: Ace of Cups (Reversed)

This is related to Hierophant where you tend to shy away or become really hesitant and just become cold. Opening to love is uncomfortable definitely because you need to share yourself in order to be known and in order to know if the person is the right person for you. Don’t be so harsh on yourself and to others. Allow yourself to be seen… Yes, it’s scary. But how will you get to know someone and build a relationship with them if you don’t let them in?

Verdict: You can be in a relationship you desire. There are prospects in the way who would love to meet you and know you, but the greatest obstacles are your fears surrounding love and need to fiercely guard yourself and let no one in. If it makes things easier, go on double-dates. I really feel that if you have responsible fun with the process, you’ll get what you desire. 


Where you are at work: 8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

I see you haven’t quite mastered it yet. I do see you encountering difficulties like you are stuck and it’s hard to get ahead or be consistent. You feel challenged but take it easy on yourself. It’s ok to need more practice, more time, and more patience than others. You’ll find people are more forgiving than you think.

What is coming in: Queen of Wands

See, what did I tell you? You were having such a difficult time feeling stuck and now you’re performing your best! Estimated time I’m seeing until you get your groove… I’m seeing the number 22. I’m seeing in 22 days!

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