I’m an evolutionary being not a static object – Appreciating my pro psychic journey

A client from 2015 reached out two days ago reached out, thanking me for past angel guidance. 2015 was the year it started. This whole professional psychic journey.

One thing I am working on healing is the feeling of never being enough. I know the concept of reaching “enoughness” is an illusion – because we are already enough as we are, plenty capable and plenty powerful. My journey since 2015 and until present has been releasing and processing my childhood suppression, where I was always compared to others and even when I was feeling good about myself, for even a split second, there was always some flaw I had to work on.

I am processing that and I can say that 2018 is the year where I began to feel truly confident in my skills as an intuitive guide. This year is the year I started doing live guidance and also offering my services to a broader audience. I’ve done maybe a hundred videos by now. There’s so much barriers I’ve broken through. And I’m writing this post as appreciation for my journey and also to remind myself that I am enough.

It’s not an easy journey. If you’re following me recently, you’re seeing me at a place where I’ve processed and healed a lot of pain already.

I started Angel Inspirations / Guided By Wings / Intuitive Therese initially in 2015 to heal myself. 2015 was very confusing for me. I wanted to leave college even though I was halfway through (in my 3rd year) and was dealing with so much loneliness from not having friends or a community in my college life. I had already gone through years without friendship in high school and grades school only to have to experience it again in college. It really broke me. I didn’t realize how much of my personality and my behaviors and my thinking revolved around the lack of understanding and love in my life. Some of it was the environment itself and some of it was my lack of capacity back then to act in more life-affirming ways.

I thought I was doing this blog for myself. But the Universe always has a higher plan for things and I see that the higher purpose of this blog is to be of service to humanity. Even when I was “unprepared”: In so much doubt of myself, lacking confidence, terrified, lacking boundaries.

Thank you for everyone who have witnessed and been following my journey either as a watcher, client, or both. I was able to impart to you a part of my journey and I am so grateful for those of who still stayed despite my mistakes, fears, and shortcomings.

I am coming into terms of being an evolutionary being rather than a static object. I place these incredibly harsh judgments on myself to be perfect and to have all of the skills and have them all perfectly.

I forgive myself not for lacking – but for thinking this way. I now choose to release those beliefs and continue to be open, present, learning and discovering.

All my love to all of you who are here whether now or then.

We are all in this together. As I am learning and healing, so are you. May we continue to learn, heal, and grow together.

Intuitive Therese Heart of Guided by Wings

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