Heard on Thursdays! Angel Life Coach Psychics Rx.93.1 Monster Radio with DJ Raffy and DJ Hazel

On December 29, 2016 at 10-11pm, I talked about my Angel counseling work, give quick readings to the hosts, a reading for the New Years, and a special Angel song. This is my first public appearance and it has been an amazing experience! Thank you, RX93.1 for having me.

RX 93.1’s Announcement of my guesting:

“May the Angels guide you in 2017! Happy New Year! HEARD ON THURSDAYS Tonight’s guest: angel-based psychic, life coach, and healer (and musician)THERESE CASTRO of Angel Inspirations: Angel Life Coaching, Healing, Therapy by Therese Castro 10 PM – 11 PM, Hosted by Rafael P. Reyes and Hazel#RXHOT #HeardOnThursdays #RXHeardOnThursdays

Rx 93.1’s Livestreaming of my guesting:

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