Guided by Wings Business Cards + Printing & Production Review of Small Piece of Paper (Freeform Print Shop)

Every business needs that small piece of paper to remind potential clients that they have exactly what they’re searching for. I’ve been needing a business card to give potential clients because so far, I’ve only been writing it down or typing it down on their phones which is not memorable at all.

As a visual person, I admit that I’ve chosen a service or business because their business cards showed me who they were in a fun and memorable manner! I thought it was high time I had my own, so I hired an artist, made a layout and copy, then it was off to the printers. But who printers?

A quick google search led me to which is the online business card service of Freeform Print Shop has a physical located at Quezon City, Philippines.

Here is my experience with them as their first time client!

Service (in terms of communication and delivery): 4.5/5

Trust is key when ordering online and I loved how they offered FREE samples of the variety of business cards they produced. After sending my order form, the samples arrived quickly in around 3 business days.

You can’t tell how each one is unique based on the photo alone. Order yours for FREE on their website.

The samples helped me significantly in deciding what kind of cardstock, finish, and features I wanted. Card stock thickness ranged from 230gsm to 690gsm, finishes ranged from matte, semi-gloss, to gloss, and the service offered special features such as foiling, spot gloss, and rounded edges. The only thing that I wanted that was missing was guilting (colored edges).

They promptly responded to my emails and also helped me export my files in HQ via Canva. I sent them the corrected file on February 26.

The only thing that knocked half .5 off their score was that they didn’t respond to me to confirm that they received my HQ file nor did they give me any tracking number or ETA of delivery.  I didn’t subtract a whole 1 off their score because the same day I emailed regarding the status of my business cards (March 1), the cards arrived wrapped with their signature Small Piece of Paper wrapping paper, secure inside a cardboard box.

It only took around 3 business days to arrive! It came with my receipt and a plastic business card holder.

Guided by Wings business cards in plastic container.

Print (in terms of quality of colors and details): *5/5

Despite some flaws in alignment of the image, the print is truly BEAUTIFUL. Vivid, crisp detailing.

I chose the Gloss Laminate listing with rounded edges (Php 700 in total with free shipping) after falling in love with the free sample I recieved! The finish is a “lustre gloss laminate” as per their shop’s listing description and it’s truly beautiful. It’s glossy but if not reflecting off light, it appears matte as the colors are deep, saturation is rich. The print shows fine detailing.

*I put an asterisk on the score because closely inspecting the cards, some of them have some anomalies. I didn’t knock off the score because these are to be expected in mass production and the anomalies weren’t very serious: a tiny little blot and discoloration.  

The ink blots above .com
This won’t be visible to some computer/phone monitors or for colorblind individuals but there is a yellow blot under “e” in “divinely”. Yes, I’ve tried rubbing it off. It’s really part of the print for this card.

Print (in terms of image alignment): */5 

I noticed the borders of my cards are not even. I raised this to their email support and was informed that they did indeed state that there should be a 2mm allowance. I checked the page in their site that said this – so this is my mistake.

Borders (the gold borders) like mine are not recommended or they will come out like in the photo if you don’t put enough allowance:


Durability: 4/5

Cardstock is 300gsm board paper and being so thin, it must be handled with care. However, the print is laminated which offers a layer of protection to the print of the cards (for example, water). I gave this a high score because it survived me shuffling the cards. The friction didn’t destroy the laminated gloss (but I still don’t recommend pushing your luck)!

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How 300gsm laminated gloss sounds like. ✨😭😍 . Ugh, that shuffle sound is amazing even though I’m not a good shuffler, that crisp riffle covers my lack of shuffling skills. I usually shuffle my cards by washing them meaning I scramble the entire deck on the table or mat. It’s messy and scratches the cards at times but I love how truly truly randomized it feels and I can just do it right away. When I lack space, I underhand shuffle which is not very thorough but it doesn’t really matter because your intention + clearing the energies matters prior picking the card matters the most. How do you shuffle your cards? Thank you for making my business cards possible #smallpieceofpaper. . ❤️😇🔮#spirituallifecoachthereseheart

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A video of me pushing my luck.


Small Piece of Paper delivered overall timely deliveries, smooth communication, and a quality business cards.

Contact Freeform Creative Solutions Inc.

2nd Floor, FBR Arcade, Katipunan Ave. Quezon City, Philippines, 1100

+632 216.9874

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