God Is

I grew up in Catholic school. You learn about God the way you’d learn language and maths: Faith was essential, with God at the center.

They taught me God was a father, a Creator, the supreme being. Someone to look up to and can never match, and no matter what I did, no matter how hard I prayed, I couldn’t hear God at the other end of the line. All I could hear was static and my own shaky breaths.

That’s when I started to not believe in a God. Because God always left me alone. When I asked for help with my grades, God left me by myself. When I asked for healing for my family, God left me by myself. When I asked for help in healing my life, God left me by myself.

It took a long while stumbling until I finally understood what it all meant.

Good grades start with me. A mutual and loving family relationship begins with my willingness to choose peace. I was the one I was looking for to raise me out of the depths and back on my feet.

I realized God is within me. When I got in tune with this spark, this Source. I found it everywhere I went, everywhere I looked. I saw God glimmering in the eyes of my beloved, shining persistently in the eyes of my persecutors. I felt God as I breathed my first every morning. The morning rays. Nightfall’s rustling in the forest. The cooing stream.

God is…

God IS.

Not a person. Not a place. Not separate. Not higher, lower. Not far.

God IS. When I realized that, when I realized everything and everyone is connected and related, my reality CHANGED. We are not individuals struggling to survive under cruel circumstances. This is not the will of God unless we believe it to be.

We are here on earth to remember why we came. We are here on earth to remember kindness, justice, and love, and to share this with everyone we meet.

We are God. We are One.

On wings of love, Therese Castro (Angel Inspirations)

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