Most frequent questions and answers
My current rate is $2/min or $30 for 15 mins, $60 for 30 mins, and $120/hr for local and international clients.

First things first, this isn’t the movies. Movies tend to make psychics seem so dark and mysterious when it isn’t the case at all most of the time. In my case, it’s gentleness and reassurance. People feel safe with me and like the burdens of years can finally be released. It can be an enlightening experience and a healing one. And one more thing: As a Psychic, I help open up the paths and your capability to chose the paths, walk new paths, or even create new ones. Even the best Psychic won’t know every single detail of what’s to come in the future because isn’t it such a bleak existence and there’s no point to living if everything is carved in stone anyway? I focus on the energy of what’s surrounding you and the inquiry and the kind of events and factors that is pulling in. We bring it into your awareness so you can decide on what stops and what continues through clairvoyance+clairaudience, Empathy, Angelic mediumship, perspective and integrative coaching, and card reading. Expect these tools to be used! 

I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds. Some are seeking advice in order to fix their financial situations and may not be ready for my rates. I offer Php 500-750 3-MINUTES readings only on Purple Ocean app for iOs and Android phones. You can avail of this here: https://www.purpleocean.co/en/psychics/4196-angel-therese
Or subscribe to my mailing list for announcements on special community service events where I offer a special rate in order to uplift society. Currently I am offering specially adjusted rates on select Witchy Wednesdays at Likha MNL from 7-9pm just for Face to Face sessions only.

Yes! I don’t discriminate. You’re a human being who is asking for help. That’s all that matters.

However for those with mental health concerns, you agree that this service is not a replacement for a licensed mental health counselor. 

Also, for my LGBTQIA+ fam, I’m queer and I’m here for you.

  • Recorded Video
  • Live Video
  • Phone Call (Philippines only)
  • Recorded Audio
  • Face to Face
  • Live Text Chat
  • Email or Text Readings
  • PDF Delivery Readings
  • Distance (For Healing Sessions)

I accept various forms of payment!

  • PayPal or Debit/Credit Card/AMEX
  • Bank Transfer (Philippines Only)
  • Paymaya
  • Cebuana (Remittance)
  • Coins.ph (Send cash via 7/11!)
  • LBC Cash Card

I don’t accept Western Union.