Debunking how Law of Attraction is being taught, how I became Psychic + more in the Spirituality Panel! (VIDEO & DISCOUNT)

The Spirituality Panel of the Be Whole Be Free Virtual Summit talk about

  • How they started the “spiritual path”
  • Their top spiritual tools and modalities
  • Tips for those looking to embark on their own spiritual path that may not be readily understood by their peers and how to deal with the challenges
  • And thoughts about the the infamous (or is it?) and widely-utilized Law of Attraction.

Do they agree with LoA? Do they disagree with it?

All speakers agree that although LOA has played a big part in people’s waking up to the power of their subconscious and conscious, and taking charge of their reality and their own lives, there are concerns about the way it is being taught.

There are consequences to the way LOA is being taught now: Some people become skeptics and throw LOA out the door when it “doesn’t work” or blame themselves for not ‘believing hard enough’, ‘not healing enough’, and ‘not raising their vibration high enough’ as reasons for LOA failing on them when individual realities present complexities that LOA tends to simplify such as how others’ free will impacts and interacts with their own, the presence of physical realities and laws, and so on (watch the whole 2 parts).

This is an excellent discussion for spiritual seekers who believe in LOA and utilize it in their life, but have discovered some inconsistencies, context-blindness, and oversimplification. This discussion is an excellent teaching and learning resource in making an inclusive and truly empowering spirituality.

Learn about Therese Heart’s shift from a suffering teenager lacking trust, belief in herself, or vision in life into an empowered young adult utilizing spirituality to empower herself and others. Also, find out about how she made the spiritual journey less lonely and scary and the two tools that she recommends! Last but not the least, find out about Therese’s criticisms on Law of Attraction based on her perspective as a Filipino, POC, woman, queer-person, and International Studies (Gender and Development) scholar. 


Je Tuan Jones

Ty Anderson Johnson

Sunshine Boatright

Contessa Louise

Briar Harvey

Famira Green

Therese Heart

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