Lenormand card advice on my biz investment, work-life balance, and spiritual lesson of the year. Day 17-19: 31-day Spiritual Biz Divination Challenge

Lenormand is the choice when it comes to practical, grounded, and straightforward advice. For these dates of the challenge, I demonstrate how I use Lenormand to answer two practically-inclined questions and one spiritually-inclined question.

❤️ What should I be investing in to make more money with my spiritual biz this year?

Ring Letter Children

Don’t focus on spending any more programs and coaching, Therese! I already have a biz mentor and enrolled in a couple of ongoing programs. I don’t need any more! I am asked to COMMIT. Stop chasing the new shiny thing! Focus on committing (Ring) whether it’s the programs you’re in or the ideas you have (Letter Children).

❤️ How can I achieve personal and work life balance this year?

Fox House Stork

Be smart about your personal time (Fox House). I tend to get way too comfortable (House) that I’m self-employed that sometimes I choose to lollygag when I should be working and work when I need to be sleeping instead (Does 4am slogging through projects sound familiar?). This has to CHANGE (Stork). I am asked to manage my time. Work time is work time; Rest time is rest time.

❤️ What is my greatest spiritual lesson this year?

Flowers Star Clouds

Even when you cannot see your way and life can be uncertain and unsure (Clouds), you are always given what you need and you are very guided. Trust in Source and in Divine guidance. (Star) Because Source is always providing for you (Flowers) even when it is not obvious.

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