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ARTICLE Guest Contributor at Soul Empowerment Institute, Philippines

Opened Angel Inspirations blog.


RADIO 1st public appearance! Guest-starred at Monster RX93.1 last December 29, 2016 for “Year-end Countdown” with DJ Raffy and DJ Hazel.

STUDY Certified Money Reiki Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner Level 1 attuned by Master Rebecca Nulliah

Angel Inspirations expanding to psychic reading services.



ACHIEVEMENT Approved Psychic Advisor on Purple Ocean, BitWine, and Zodiac Psychics

ACHIEVEMENT Blogger Spotlight: Life Coach Therese on UglyWriters (329 shares on Facebook!)

PROJECT Trained Listener utilizing active listening skills for distressed clients at 7cups

STUDY Certificate in Remote Influencing (Manifesting / Law of Attraction with Remote Viewing Technique) with Stacey Tallitsch

STUDY Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma with Tania MagdaleneCertified Angelic Medium and Mentor™ by International Association of Angel Practitioners

STUDY Received Reiki attunement for Depression and Anxiety recovery with Master Lisa Powers

STUDY Attuned with the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki (Native American) — Rite of the Womb by Angela Mia White

STUDY Certified Integrated Wellness Coach Level 1 Diploma (10hrs CPD credit) with Libby SeeryAngel Inspirations expanding to energy healing services.


ACHIEVEMENT Listed Expert in International Angels Network Directory

ACHIEVEMENT Approved Advisor for VOYA “Seek Honest Advice”, upcoming Australian Psychic Advisor service

BOOK Published Author of “It begins with YES” chapter of Warrior Women with Angel Wings “Illuminate your Joy” 5th anthology published by IAN.Angel Navigation with Host Dianne Morgan of International Angels Network (IAN)

FAIR Online Metaphysical Fair Spiritual Awakening & Angel Message Get to know Angelic Channel and Guide Therese Castro LIVE at Empathtuitives

TALKSHOW Conversations with Freedom “New Beginnings with the Angels” Live Angel Readings with Therese Heart, Angel Medium, Oracle Guide, Spiritual Life Coach.

MAGAZINE Featured Contributor for Mod & Alt Health magazine for the segment “Featured Spirit Guides and their Wisdom” and “Oracle Cards As a Daily Tool” 

PODCAST guest for Mod & Alt Health by Contessa Louise podcast, and also wrote the article “3 Ways Oracle cards inspired me to live” in their magazine

PODCAST Guided by Wings with Therese Heart Guest interview for The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast by Ross Cessna

RADIO “4 Keys to Metamorphosis” and Live Guidance with Special Guest Intuitive Therese Heart (formerly Therese Castro) of Guided by Wings

STUDY Certification of Participation to initiation into the Dark Flame of Karmic Veil Illumination and Kali Attunement for Reiki Practitioners with Tamara Powell LMHC & Usui Reiki Master

STUDY Certificate Remote Viewing Advanced with Stacey TallitschCertified Spirit Guide Coach with Deborah King CenterRebranding of Angel Inspirations to Guided by Wings / Intuitive Therese Heart. 



SUMMIT Psychic Abilities & Spirit Guides Class – Be Whole Be Free Virtual Summit Aug 12-17, 2019


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