Blogger Spotlight: Life Coach Therese (Ms. Therese Castro) on TheUglyWriters

Therese Castro, “Angel” Life Coach, was featured in Ugly Writers in 2017, a fast-rising online literary magazine/community based in the Philippines. We showcase short stories, poems, essays and reviews.

In 2015 Therese got into writing when she connected with international groups relating to inspirational discussions and lectures on social media. Despite that, she admits to having the itch for writing as early as 2012. She has been sharing her thoughts and inspiring people in need of a boost in morale via the popular social networking platform, Facebook since then.

Life Coaching has been the spot-on vocation for Therese and having entered the blogging/content writing scene allowed her to further her reach to not just that of the usual corporate clients but literally everyone who’s in need of a refreshed mindset. Touching lives is now easier and digital.

Serving a mostly international client-base of Americans, Australians, and Europeans, she is bringing her life coaching with Angelic empowerment to the Philippines. Her life drastically changed ever since honing her spiritual abilities and connecting to the Angels. They are a source of guidance, positivity, and hope for her and she helps people reconnect with their Angels during her life coaching sessions.

Her life coaching services were featured on Monster Radio RX 93.1 for DJ Raffy and DJ Hazel’s Heard on Thursdays (as seen below).


Watch Angel Life Coach Therese Castro’s Rx 93.1 Monster Radio Interview on Youtube

Full feature by The Ugly Writers here.

Check out The Ugly Writers for thought-provoking reads written by talented Philippine writers.



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