Bibliomancy: 4 Steps to a Fun and Quick Way to Access Your Intution (And Accurately – BONUS Divination 101)

I love divination because it gives us a degree of control over our circumstances. It helps us get comfortable with the unknown and gives us an insight on what we may be missing, what is on the other side of fear, and reconnect us to the power we innately have, the power that surrounds us, and the Universal consciousness that connects us together.

I conduct divination many a different ways: cards, mediumship, runes, smoke, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. But as someone with chronic fatigue, I don’t always have the energy to prepare for it. Sometimes I get so pressured to get only accurate, reliable guidance that I do all sorts of meditation and cleansing before using these tools which makes the process too strict, too ceremonial for me.

One big thing I learned on this spiritual journey is to have a sense of humor! Make it light. Make it enjoyable. Sometimes when we put too much pressure on ourselves to pull the right rune or card, it blocks us off from receiving because that pressure comes from the conscious mind.

Intuition is fluid. It comes from the subconscious. The more we try to pry information, it’s like a rubber band effect – we experience our own resistance.

And what’s one of the quickest, accurate, and even funniest ways to connect to the Universal consciousness through our intuition? Bibliomancy – which is defined as:

noun. divination by means of a book, especially the Bible, opened at random to some verse or passage, which is then interpreted. (

Here is how you can do bibliomancy in 4 simple steps!

Before that, first thing’s first!

Mental and spiritual preparation (Seriously take note of these if you want to have any reliable guidance with divination)

Sounds familiar? You may have caught some classmates in grade-school doimg bibliomancy to pass the time. Why is it that people get inaccurate or nonsensical answers? Here are my 3 overarching reasons

  • They don’t believe that divination is reliable or that they themselves are reliable.
  • They’re looking for validation and not the truth. It’s like asking for answer while holding on to the one you think you should have. 
  • They aren’t asking the right questions to the right tools.
  • They aren’t setting the intent to connect to Higher Source/God/Universe. This is the hardest one to comprehend as knowing how Source feels like, the discernment between Source and ego, etc. are muscles that are to be strengthened through time. You will build your discernment through time. Yearning to know how Source/Universe/God feels like? Download the healing meditations and activations I have available FREE.

A quick remedy for all of the above preparations? Have openness of mind and heart, even to things that don’t make sense now.

In basic psychic development training, we are taught about how our mind tries to rationalize things when we are actually suppose to see what receive as they are. If you are shown a flower, it is a flower. Your mind might think it is the flower on your garden or the flower painting you saw — but that’s the mind rationalizing things it already knows. 

You have to be comfortable with the possibility of that flower as something you couldn’t imagine was possible: such as those flowers being an omen for the kind of flora that exists in the foreign country you want to move to! 

Lastly, clearly intend to connect to Higher consciousness. Imagine this as like turning the knob on the radio to get to the right frequency/radio station. The radio station you want is the Universe.

Now the fun part – the steps!

After taking note of the mental and spiritual preparation…

  1. Find a spot in the book store or library with books (and not even books – the picture below is a bag!) that have words/titles/phrases relevant to the kind of answer you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for guidance on what to do, going to the dictionary section won’t give you titles that are helpful ’cause they all have the same title.
  2. Now that you’ve found your spot, look away or look down. Think of your question and hold on to it.
  3. Countdown from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
  4. No matter what, just look! It doesn’t have to be the first thing you notice but for beginners building their intuition, I recommend you start with the first thing you notice.

My turn!

I recently got a new job and there’s so much yet to come and the day after my interview, I was bursting with hope and curiousity for the future. Naturally I had to ask about it. My concern was my job involved sales and I can feel the tension between the person I’m becoming (confident, self-reliant, independent, worthy) and the person I am evolving from (scared, incompetent, unsupported, unworthy). I wanted to know how I can be successful and I got…

“Be motivated.”

I gotta be motivated! I have to be willing to try new things! I have to be willing to stretch and grow in capacity. 

Next question was about what’s in store for me in the company. I got…
“Turning to One Another”

I love how there were many people on this cover being involved with each other as a community. I got a feeling of teamwork and help – not being all alone. The best word? FAMILY. Which is wonderful!

It’s so simple but the answers so far speak volumes. I’m not interested in specific events. I got a good idea of the energy I’m getting into now so I switched over to my Masters. I’m currently taking Masters and it’s been… quite hectic to say the least. With my interest in personal development and life coaching, and now entering the area of finance due to the nature of my job, my Masters at this point in time feels like an obligation. A burden. 

I asked what I needed to know…

“The Speed of Trust.”

I love how the bottom says “The One Thing that Changes Everything.” Trust is difficult when you don’t like the circumstances you’re in. I understand I just don’t see the point of my Masters in relation to who I want to be – that’s why I feel so drained and unmotivated to do work. 

But this is a reminder for me to just stay the course. Stay in Masters and through time, I will realize the value it brings me. 

Masters really is the thing that’s bothering me the most right now so I actually asked for more information. This is what I got…

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Just 4 days ago, I almost broke down writing an essay for Masters. It was because I struggled reading the required readings. I was reading this 1 chapter over and over again for a week and it only took me the 7th day to switch to the other chapters I didn’t read and realize there was a clearer explanation there! D’oh!

I was so stressed about the small details that I forgot about the bigger picture. That I can switch strategies. Things don’t have to be excruciatingly difficult like how I was forcing it to be.

It’s a reminder for me that I am focusing my energies on things that don’t really matter, but if I pay attention, I can make this easier. I can actually enjoy and learn and grow. 

Your turn!

Do you have any more questions about bibliomancy or divination? Feel free to try this out and share your experience with me on email or the comments. 

P.S. Happy World Book Day 2019!!

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