How being a business owner changes you (Life Purpose and Angel Inspirations). Day 7: 31-day Spiritual Biz Divination Challenge

Day 7: How did my spiritual business teach me to become a better person in 2018? 7 of Fire

2018 was the year that I really really realized that the work I conduct in my spiritual business is my life purpose. 7 is life purpose, Fire is doing which means life purpose put into action!

I started Guided by Wings Angel Readings as Angel Inspirations back in 2015. 2015 was a transitory and intense year. I wanted to quit college and pursue a spiritual career immediately. I was this close to accepting an internship offer as a marketing assistant and Angel Tarot Reader at a high-end spiritual wellness center at BGC–my dream work place–but it just wasn’t the right time: I was way too scared to follow it through as I lacked confidence, practical experience, and the conviction to go against everything my family has worked for (paying for my college education).

I blogged on Facebook as Angel Inspirations as a means for me to talk about the spirituality I felt I had to constantly hide as a lonely college student with no friends I felt safe to open up to. I was famished for community. I was already practicing Angelic mediumship and channeling at that time and everytime I’d have a breakthrough, it was always a party of one. Although I learned to be comfortable with celebrating in sacred privacy, I longed to revel in the comfort of company! Even though I wasn’t Christian anymore, I was always eager to go to church to be surrounded by others who felt safe and belonged in their community. Where did I belong?

Little did I know Angel Inspirations, my little safe haven would turn into a committed spiritual consulting service help people through the actionable, empowering, yet grounded advice from the Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Angels, and teaches them about the strengths they have within, including the capacity to live the lives of their dreams?

My spiritual business changed me so fucking much. Through building my own business, I…

  • Learned how to speak my truth even though my voice was shaking.
  • Developed and healed my self-esteem and taught me how to make rock-solid boundaries.
  • Solidified my faith in a universal consciousness, extrasensory perception and abilities, the truth that there are Angels and forces that are powerful and helping us–and the truth of miracles.
  • Transformed my money story by showing me that it’s not necessary to be a doctor or have a degree to earn big money. AND that you can earn big money by doing humanitarian work. Fuck the poor healer narrative. You do not have to be poor to be good!

Choosing and building my spiritual biz triggered me in ways I previously thought I could never have the courage or capacity to overcome. I thought I would always be the little girl who got hurt and hides. Now, I’ve starred on local and international radio stations, have given psychic readings for an international audience with consistent feedback, and I am continuously engaging in heart-centered collaborations.

On 2018, I learned firmly that I’m not doing spiritual work because I’m an empath, have great counseling skills, can read cards and have clairvoyant+clairaudient abilities.

I’m doing spiritual work because it lights me up. I get lit up everytime someone who prior the session comes out of there believing that life is more than suffering! That miracles happen. They aren’t alone. And they are powerful agents of change in their lives. Because I used to be a person who made fantasy and sexuality my raison d’etre—I used to believe I meant nothing and that I’m way too small to ever be worthy of my desires in life.

Oh, how my life was only about to begin… ❤️😇

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Doing the 31-day Tarot or your Divination tool of choice challenge by THE Tarot Biz Christina Quick. It is an opportunity for healers, coaches, and intuitives who use divination in their biz to learn from the lessons of 2018 in order to move forward in 2019, knowing better and doing better!

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