Spiritual Consultant for your Divine Life Purpose.

Hello, Empowered Womxn! I’m Therese Heart: Angel Card Reader, Spirit Guide Coach, and Clairvoyant+Clairaudient. I’ve been guiding empathic, professional women to safely pursue their life purpose since 2015!

Many of my clients come from a background of social anxiety, psychological bullying, sexual escapism, and LGBTQIA+ and identity struggles that prevent them from living their most authentic life. 

I help women heal their childhood pain and trauma, empowering them as agents of change in their lives.

Therese's Story

I was a very confident child who loved to take up space, sing aloud, and have people want to laugh with me. Then I grew up, and realized some people wanted to hurt me and people that I loved.

Due to pain from dysfunctional and toxic family relations, experiences of being misunderstood and secluded as an Empath / Highly Sensitive Person, and psychological bullying at school, I taught myself that I couldn’t trust anyone, that I’m unworthy of loving, and that God is answering other people’s prayers but mine. I kept looking outside for the love I craved, even if it meant bending and shaping myself to suit everyone’s liking even if it led to abuse. I was so lonely and yet I felt I could never reach out to anyone for help. I damned myself because I was ashamed of being unable to be that confident child again.

I withdrew from social interaction, gave up on friendships, and dependent on sexual escapism as a coping mechanism as well as internet addiction. I tied my hair and never let it down publicly until years later. In high school, I had an incident in school which led to my expulsion. I was overcome with shame, guilt, and blame.

To make matters worse, I dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts until I had my first Spiritual experience that marked the beginning of a totally different life:

Claiming my Divine Life Purpose, my personal meaning of life, tapping into and sharing my unique gifts and psychic abilities, reuniting and working with the Angels and Spiritual Guides, and healing from past traumas and OWNING who I am, what I am capable of, and what life I can have!

Psychic Abilities

Clairvoyant (Visions)

Clairaudient Mediumship (Hearing and Communicating with Spirit)

Empath (Walking in other’s skin, Photo or Face reading)



Certified Angel Mediumship, Certified Money Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Practitioner, Certified Angelic Healing / Angelic Golden Ray Practitioner, Light Language Therapeutic Singing, Intuitive Card Reading (Angel Oracle, Tarot, Lenormand)


Active Listening, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Neuroscience, Stoicism, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching Integrative Wellness (IW) Therapeutic Modality

"The photo reading was an eye-opener for me. She was so accurate in describing my emotions and current state in the photos. With the intuitive questions, she didn't predict my future but broke down what I was really trying to ask and told me what I needed to know to guide me to how I could get to where I want to be. I think this is so beautiful as we all have the ability to write our own paths. She did so in such a loving, caring and supportive way. Therese personalized my reading to accomodate me and my needs. She has given me so much clarity, positive energy and has inspired me to better and explore my spiritual side. Thank you again, Therese! You really are an angel coming into my life when I needed it most."


The relief, power, and healing working with your Higher Self can bring you (and my spiritual Superpowers!)

What’s a Higher Self? In lay man’s terms, it’s the optimum version of you who has already realized their potential. Think of it as the version of you who has already learned all their lessons, chose to grow, and remembers why they chose to incarnate on Earth. Kind of like a Superhero version of you who supersedes time and space.

Can you really afford to continue not knowing what to do?